200 Labour Pekalongan will join the demonstrators Jakarta

A total of 200 workers from Pekalongan, Central Java will go to Jakarta to hold a demonstration in the center of the capital.

"From the information gathered by the Cabinda (BIN head area) and the Intelligence Central Java police, the situation is still be monitored. The workers will hold a rally there are as many as 14 elements of mass organizations of workers in Central Java. However, there is also a labor protests Central Java to Jakarta. They are 200 workers Pekalongan City, "said the Head of Operations (Karo Ops) Central Java Police Commissioner Tatang in Semarang, Central Java, on Friday (29/4).

Tatang revealed to this day, it was still making efforts approach and advised hundreds of workers from a textile factory in Pekalongan demo so as not to Jakarta.

"Until now, we still invite if possible in Central Java implementation aja," he explained.

Tatang added that in the process of securing their nets, labor action in Semarang and Central Java, chaired by the Deputy Police Chief of Central Java.

"One may day workers need security in Semarang and Central Java. Under the leadership of Wakapolda collect military command agencies, local government and so on coordination to each other to know and be responsible and set the strategy process safeguards," he said.

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Meeting security precaution Labor Day Friday (29/4) until this afternoon, which was held at the Central Java Police Headquarters, followed by various agencies in Central Java.

"Present among Cabinda, Kadis naker, Assistant I, Military Command, Polwil main Semarang and Central Java Police officials. Meeting was intended to absorb the information and implement the security plan May Day," he said.

Tatang added that it was monitoring how many workers will take to the streets.

"The amount of 1.2 million workers in Central Java. Data from website Disnakertranduk
Company 21 820 pieces. Scattered in the city of Semarang, Kudus, Semarang regency, Solo, Karanganyar regency, Pati regency, Purbalingga and Jepara regency. There were 10 districts, "he concluded. [Cob]

Source: Merdeka

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