Parking Office will be Install 100 Electronic Parking Machines

Jakarta Provincial Government will be introduce upwards of 100 electronic stopping machines 10 focuses in Indonesia capital.

Jakarta Head of Parking Department, Sunardi Sinaga said his office will be introduce electronic stopping machines, for example, in Balai Pustaka road in East Jakarta and Toko Tiga road in West Jakarta.

"Our objective is to buy the machine amidst the year," he said here as of late.

The machine establishment will be focused at shopping center, workplaces, and instruction territories and the levy is dynamic. 

Electronic Parking Machines

"It would be ideal if you stop your vehicle in the building or off road stopping if the tax is excessively costly," Mr Sinaga said.

Beforehand, the machine establishment was done on Jalan Agus Salim, Central Jakarta, Jalan Boulevard Kelapa Gading, East Jakarta and Jalan Fatahilah, West Jakarta.

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