Leonardo Spent Up to Five Hours a Day Having Prosthetic Injuries Connected

A SCENE from The Revenant which demonstrates the fundamental character being viciously destroyed by a bear is a standout amongst the most grim you're liable to see all year.

What's more, to make Leonardo DiCaprio's injuries look sensible, it's been uncovered that the on-screen character needed to spend up to five hours in the seat with Duncan James - a make-up craftsman from Watford, Hertfordshire.

Presently a picture of Leo, 41, having his prosthetic injuries connected by Duncan has been seen more than 2.8 million times on Imgur. 


Duncan's past work incorporates Harry Potter And The Dreadful Praises: Section 2, The Fabulous Budapest Inn and The Last Samurai, and he was key part of the prosthetics group on The Revenant, which recounts the genuine story of incredible hide trapper, Hugo Glass.

Duncan and his group did intensive research and discovered verifiable data about the injuries, so they could make them show up as reasonable as could reasonably be expected.

They found that Glass has maintained wounds to his whole body, so they required an entire day of life throwing with Leonardo DiCaprio to make a mold of his body to be utilized as a part of making prosthetics.

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