Footage of Video ShowsTen American Sailors on Their Knees as They Surrender to Iranian Troops

FOOTAGE of mariners on the floor, with hands behind their heads encompassed by Iranian protects has been discharged. 

It was disclosed on the Islamic republic's state TV after the Navy work force were liberated after a standoff. 

At the point when the mariners were taken off of the water crafts in the Persian Gulf, they were addressed by the IRGC. 

Later the prisoners were envisioned looking loose while sitting on a major rug sharing plates of nourishment and water. 

One of the mariners was recorded apologizing for their unit's "error" and lauded the Iranian's "incredible" conduct. 

A female mariner with the gathering was given an improvised head scarf to wear while they delighted in the dinner. 

Reports by state media inside Iran expressed the U.S. issued a stooping statement of regret before the mariners were liberated. 

However John Kerry's representative said there is 'zero truth' to reports the Secretary of State said sad. 

Kerry did however tell Tehran the arrival of the mariners would be a 'decent story' for both the nations.

source : berita2bahasa.com

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