Young Doctor Evacuation chronology Andra from Dobo

Before deceased because disease which begat by measles virus with infection complication racks brains (ensefalitis), dionisius Giri's young doctor Ocean, one that familiar being accosted Andra's doctor, apparently finds time to go home to Jakarta up to two weeks. Even fever, Andra returns on call to Dobo because takes on answer him carry on task. At its task place that, Andra dies.

kepegawaian's Bureau head Pattiselano Robert's health ministry Champion words Andra's health chronology, Friday, 13th November 2015. At the early October 2015, up to two weeks, Andra finds time to get permit discontinues internshipnya's task temporary for goes home to Jakarta.

While returns to Dobo on Saturday, 7th November 2015, Andra stills in condition fever. But it makes a abode to return to Dobo because taste takes on answer him melanjalankan task. "It returns on call although in condition that under the way," say Robert.

According to Robert, Andra's action returns although under the way need to be appreciated. "In consequence soul of doctors which serve an office purilieus. Although pain, that was ignored for spirit services," its says.

As arriving as at location, condition of health Andra goes on menurun so is nursed at RS Earths Cendrawasih. On monday, 10th November, Andra was carried over by room ICU with intensive handle by specialist doctor.

Ministries official information health about Andra's evacuation plan names doctors which nurse Andra finds time to want take in that young doctor making for Jakarta, but trip wends Capital be not easily. Condition of this is that went hard with Andra's evacuation from Dobo while its condition continually deteriorates.

No direct flight from Dobo wends Jakarta. Aughts traveling band have to go to Slug Regency via oceanic band up to 6 10 hours before drawn out flight go to Ambon. Unhappily, now flight from Dobo goes to Slug be be not operating.

Even local government thought for mengevakuasi Andra pass through oceanic band, but Andra's condition that time not enables for voyage what does eat long time time with condition of fever which really need medium is equal to. Alarmed, if done by evacuation by sea, condition of Andra gets acute while its consciousness go on menurun although have utilized respiratory assistive tool.

Best evacuation is utilize aircraft from Dobo. Local government has made ready budget to lease plane, but fails since TNI'S belonging plane not enables to fly because technical reason.

Even health ministry have gotten things square plane any other to transport Andra, but that plane has departed from Timika. Darling, in the period of that preparation, Andra dies.

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