Why the Need Small Hearing Screening?

Skrining is hearing is one of check which need to be done at 3 months life first a child. There is two phase who shall be done bound up probing this hearing. 

Evoked Otoacoustic Emission first (eOAE), Pemeriksan OAE generally being done while baby gets age 2 3 days, but can be done until baby gets age 3 months. Probing result is pass to usufruct hearing well and refer to usufruct hearing that was good. If in the period of this 3 months its result is still haven't pass, therefore baby will be suggested to do sequel check. 

Both of is Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR). Which is sequel check on greater child, on child upon 3 months that on OAE'S check haven't pass, or on child with hearings invasive curiosity or bicara's trouble. This check utilize EEG'S wave that responds to stimulate as clicks's sound that is given. 

Besides dependent on that skrining's tool, while is invasive check grows up flower at age 7 9 months will do to essay hearings. This age child was susceptible and not ignorant to musical instrument. Its trick: child will give musical instrument at its vicinity without seen by child, then assessed by child trick map that musical instrument. But if child fails to map that musical instrument, therefore advisable child does ABR. 

Why shall be done in a state early enough? As we know, golden period is developing racks brains child happen on 2 first life year. If on 2 this early year invasive hearing is not is detected, therefore impact it will very large which as no input sensorik as voice so a great many thing which will overlooked by child. With hear child will study bicara, developing kognitif's function, and social function and personal. 

If child has hearing trouble and not detected from the beginning, therefore child will overlook all its developing. But if since startup was detected, therefore will more look for its abnormality where, given by deafaid one can't yet do succeeding correction and regular child can get sensorik's input voice so gets amends with every consideration.

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