Terrorist Shoots Up font Paris Citizen Bird

Attack a group person at Bataclan's concert building, Paris, Prancis, have assassinated 112 person. Bataclan can keep all 1.500 audience.

A reporter radio, Julien Pearce, say, while hands down rock's band concert America origin will end, two gun armored persons invade AK 47 inputs. According to Pearce, both walking peacefully.

 "Peacefully, both guns arbitrarily," ucap Pearce.    
Agents uses to undress faces uncovered black. She sees face one of sniper, one that still so young gets maximal age 25 years.

Pearce gets to say, two that armored man standing at hall rear end and continually guns while audiences tiarap's concert goes to floor. One among those classy as eksekutor.

"They are still," its speech about armored men. "They just stand are after concert room and shoot up us. They look on us as bird."

Pearce says not hear them to say what what. But deponent differenting to say to France's Radio, attacker enters auditorium, shooting off gun, and screams, "Big Allahu!"

Pearce gets to say, it is successful blurry while snipers filling its weapon shot. While elopes it, she sees bobbysoxer with wound guns at its foot and direct memanggulnya. "I reach for her and places it at my back. We even run."

That attack enables since security at concert so oversized. According to Pearce, no metal detector and party security not check audience deliverance. They just check ticket. "Security very poor," say Pearce.

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