Taaruf's pageant features Region Tradition

Taaruf's pageant features Region Tradition
In the middle rain splash, do not become balk for a whole bunch taaruf MTQ's pageant participant 34 Riau from my Regencies Singingi's pestles, that dihelat's starting at Siak Sri Indrapura, weekend then. 

Animate taaruf MTQ's pageant 34 Riau this increasingly feels once be featured its various region tradition that's at Riau, as well as from I Singingi's pestle. 

About 700 pageant participant from kuansing makes a abode to be ardour unjuk abilities for scent kuansing's name is before tens thousand national that witness that taaruf's pageant. 

One of tradition that is featured deep pageant that is witnessed Plt direct Riau Arsyadjuliandi Rachman's Governor head thereupon region one Riau, is khatam's procession tradition Quran or tomato assesses. 

Not solely it, pageant that's witnessed direct Regent Sukarmis this additionally feature randai's prowess, Randai Sarinam. Of presenting group randai this adds animate MTQ Riau's pageant uncovering that. 
With lantunan kuansing's typical music that, participants even pageant excited even within the middle rain splash. The approach pageant even happens animate. 

Besides prowess randai, thereupon caravan action pageant participant from kuansing additionally enlivened with jambar or sisampek what do typically be featured on cultural events, religious, government and society all this point at kuansing. 

Cultural diversity and tradition at kuansing frequently being featured by in front of thousands voters one Riau that. aren't is behind in, pacu's tradition band additionally being featured by presents pemacu, thus will mesmerize audiences that is gift that point. With being featured its variety its tradition, national that witness pageant taaruf will see culture diversity and kuansing's society tradition. 

Regent h Sukarmis and DPRD Kuansing Andi's chairman SH's Son own is at honour apse with guest unearned another to witness taaruf's pageant from delegation 12 regencies and city that's at Riau's province. 

“Thank God, success. Via taaruf MTQ Riau's pageant this year we are able to feature our tradition,” say Kabag Generically setda, Drs Muradi MSi, saturday (14 / 11).

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