Prancis's president Makes Ready Retaliation to go to IS

Prancis Francois Hollande Menuding's president Islamic State group (IS) as agent of terror at 6 locations at Paris, Friday (13/11/2015) local time night that begets hundreds deads. With bearish tone, Hollande will charge to reply for IS's action already diffuses war.

“What happen yesterday at Paris and Saint Denis is martial action and this country needs to make right decision to face this war. This action did by terror team, Islamic State defies us, against free country speaking to universalize,” say Hollande as quoted by laman Guardian, Saturday (14/11/2015) Paris time morning.

Terminologicaling it, that action is plotted and is made ready from outside Prancis. Hence, Prancispun will hold state any other to investigate that attack.

Hollande even call that action so barbar. Hence, action already yanks hundreds soul it can't be let.

“This action so barbar. Prancis will so explicit respond IS,” allegedly.

Its plan, Hollande will present conference at Versailles's parliament on Monday (16/11/2015) front week. It says, one that needed by Prancis currently is is ardour togetherness and presence of mind regular.

“Prancis makes a abode strength, brave and will defeat this barbar's action. History reminds we that it will and our force now for jointly take on it,” its speech.

It bears out, Prancis shall defy that terror action. “Friend one nation, what do we keep are our country and moreover, this is humanitarianism point and Prancis will take that accountability,” allegedly.

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