Looking for Hilal Reaches For 7 FFI'S Nominations 2015

Film "Looking for Hilal" reach for seven nominations on Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) 2015 which is for best music orderer category,  best artistic director, best pictured editor, best main actor, best stage manager, best scenario writer and best film.

"Hopefully this film following excites type that my naming clarification film. Which is film which lift social issue is of important one nation pass through drama story that touches," say Denny JA, produser is Film executive Looks For Hilal in adverbial its mass media at Jakarta, Friday 13th November 2015.

Film that constitute production with Denny JA's Studio and Multi Vision Is Plus (MVP) that constitute kerjasma Denny JA's result with pegiat about film as Hanung Bramantyo, Haidar Bagir, Salman Aristo and Punjabi's RAM.

"Since startup, this film is made in order to clarification the importance for Love Islam and Indonesian Without discrimination," say Denny that recognised Surveys Whorled founder Indonesian drunk pegiat anti discrimination at Indonesian.

Denny JA's studio engages in this film first of all really since idea is after that film. With Hanung and Haidar Bagir, say Denny, its party gets discussion the importance for clarification idea be passed on in film. "Than other media, film likeliering to reach for more a lot of public to be asked out contemplates," its says.

Denny JA quotes riset that was made by that Pew Research Center is more than 70 more population percents like films and music. "Whoever that wants to pass on idea goes to public, one that most effective is passing film or music," allegedly.

Film Looks For Hilal passes on Islam idea Love and Indonesia Without discrimination. Indonesia assessed by international agency progressively deteriorates of religion tolerance flank. "Stage manager and successful scenario writer pack that idea is deep drama which is beautiful to be watched and artful," say Denny while menmbahkan is film Looks For Hilal is now invited deep a lot of international festival.

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