Grenade explosion Duren Sawit Offices, Employees closed

Grenade explosion at building concerning workplace Multi Graha's equipment, Sawit's durian, East capital of Indonesia, morning previousing to panic workers that works over there. effect that explosion, workers at that building diliburkan within the short run, Monday, 16th Nov 2015. 

 "We diliburkan, however haven't there's news till once," ucap Reza pahlevi, Pt Buena Persana Mining Service's worker that gets workplace over there. It even decides to travel home goes back reception. 

Ahmad, one amongst watchman concerning workplace Multi Graha's equipment, say on the market twelve firm that get workplace at building concerning workplace that. "This building is rented out for concerning workplace," its says ahead building. currently all firm that gets workplace at that building meliburkan its worker explosion effect this morning.  

According to Ahmad, building four its floors typically in operation starting weekday till Sabbatum hits 08.00 18.00 WIB. Everyday, guarded building 2 deep officers one shifts. "There is 2 shifts in some unspecified time in the future," its speech. whereas is instance, upon one's guard officer is Maulana and Slamet. 

On close previous weekday hits 03.30 WIB, detected by laborious explosion to be espoused fireplace spray at Pt Multi Graha's equipment, Radin Inten's road two, East capital of Indonesia. consequently, building ceiling wrecks and severally its window-glass break down. whereas is instance no vehicle or individual that passes by is ahead building. Police predicts its explosion impact from grenade. Agent marking which bomb throw motif work police.  

No soul victim in incident it. however one amongst watchman, Maulana, hurt on impact pectoral strikes glass fraction. Road around location finds time to be closed by that explosion impact.  

Explosion conjointly finds time create road from Sawit's Durian carrefour wends Buaran is closed. consequently, vehicle piles at Sawit's Durian carrefour. But, on hits 08.30, back road to be opened. Condition of Road Raden Inten, well that toward Buaran and conjointly Kalimalang, was back swish.

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