Gayus was hit by mass be nonton concert

Visually Beben Gayus face sweet bruise hit by mass whereas happens metal's music concert that happens at sasana authors RT 04 RW 03 caste Pulo, Palmerah is Western national capital. 

Instance gets starting whereas Gayus takes handphone of incorrectly associate audience that named Ilfan Tanjung (24). Ilfan suspects false one standee over and higher than it, that point person those square measure on sampaingnya is Gayus (23). 

Since perceives Ilfan's suspect tries to contact number ponsel hers that lost, apparently Ilfan's curiosity there's its correctness, ponselnya that lost ringing right man those square measure on nearby it. 

Ilfan then reports that instance to bands supporting friends metal lainya catches agents, ponsel belongs to Ilfan apparently being found deep Gayus's undergarment. aren't uncertain mass directive to hit agent until is black and blue. 

Gayus directly being secured by polsek native, it conjointly being corrected by Kanit Reskrim Polsek Palmerah what will declare for that Gayus extremely cutpurse specialist. Gayus and its ordinary friend visits to bustles as musi's stage, terminal and bus.

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