DPD RI Proposes Rights ask Fast caring problem Bandung-Jakarta

As much 75 Region delegation councillors (DPD) RI have menandatangani Rights purpose proffering asks to RI Joko Widodo's President. 

Inisiator is Rights asks, AM is Advice, mengungkap DPD wants sharpness concerning caring development project policy fast (high speed train / HST) Bandung's Jakarta.

"Inquiring DPD what its urgency fast caring development project Jakarta Bandung that don't come in meter development plan intermediate national (RPJMN) 2015 - 2019 Jokowi JK's governances, and this project is more initiative offer or investor offer," say AM Advice, Saturday (14/11/2015).

According to DKI'S origin senator this Jakarta, Jakartas fast caring Bandung by assesses 78 trillion this rupiah is more as mercusuar's project to weigh transportation medium development Bandung's Jakarta truthfully have is more than adequately. "There is reguler's band tens, then turnpike, airport and caring special band that link Bandung's Jakarta," say AM Advice.

While to render oceanic toll that becomes campaign main theme while pilpres, say Advice, heretofore was backed up by one keppres even or Perpres. "For that matter the will who fast caring development it so publishes Perpres number 107 years 2015 about Prasarana's Management velocity and Fast caring Mediums Bandung's Jakartas?," ask AM Advice.

Advice reminds that Jokowi's President again and again bears out that Indonesian economic future is at Indonesian east area. "DPD of course it really is in agreement thereto. Hence, this regime has to begin infrastructure development over there," its tips.

If fund 78 trillion rupiahs to build Jakarta quick carings Bandung that was utilized to build infrastructure at Papuan, Moluccas, Sulawesi and Kalimantan says Advice, matter a large part infrastructure problem at Indonesian East most answering.

 "Or plays favorites that fund is shifted to cut Tomini's Bay that memperpendek can trip for toll to go out to sea as it were which Jokowi Gagas. If it happens, nawacita new its name namely build Indonesia of boundary by strengthens regions and villages in sekeletal NKRI," pungkasnya.

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