Board of Suggests BPT PM To Do Effort Picks Up Ball

DPRD Pekanbaru's member, Azwendi Fajri asks for To Warm Up Instillings coherent Service Capital (BPT PM) berbenah in ministering facet so sector about permit annual one held by BPT PM can reach region original income (PAD).

Of Azwendi's information, now target BPT PM has reached Rp13 milliard. With capaian that, BPT PM has target more for year 2016, with Rp23's target number milliard.

"For its attainment, BPT PM shall make ready fleet and does effort pick up ball. Since as it long consequence and sanction that given unto by taxpayer was prevailing," allegedly to Riaupos.co after hearing with BPT PM Friday evening (13 / 11 / 2015).

Then, lanjutnya again, also needs to be provided by clerk. Therefore needs special recruitment to service retribution picking each year it to taxpayer.

 "Since as it long about permit negligent pays retribution, they are default because character it yearly, progres that increases usually year-end, therefore has to be done by system picks up ball. Since regulasi is reducing sanction is applied. Therefore needs at data all, data update about permit aught," its close.

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