A dumb dog Sumbar 3-1, Riau Looks After POUND Ticket Hope

Porwil Riau's football team successful looks after hope to reach for POUND ticket XIX 2016 approaching. After at successful premiere fight flip football team "Urang is Body" West sumatra 3-1.

On fight that is exhibitted at Orom Bangka's Stadium, Friday afternoon (13/11/2015), Rendi Syahputra becomes hattriknya's pass hero besutan Philep Hansen Maramis's team reach for essential point at appropriation act "Hell group".

Coming is with preparation patch up, yellow Sassy Earth team performs to surprise. Contest is still walk 7th minute, Rendi directly stings over its goal.

Superior one goal, making motivation folded player and getting self-confident. Rendi Syahputra's result returns to open Riau's goal crane.

Top two its empties seems to be getting menyulut is ardour yellow sassy Earth childrens. Don't it loosen attack, Darmawan cs continually performs box in defense versus. Draw near drink downwards Rendi's hard kick returns to tear jala Sumbar's team and shut up first act fight with score 3-0.

After restarts, besutan Philep Hansen's team performs more calm, play few slowgoing and chanted. Darmawan cs plays tempo. So at this act not opportunity most composes.

Of presenting chanted Riau this tries to be utilized by Sumbar's children. But every thing successful dimentahkan. Finally 10 act minute both of end, West sumatra can just minimize goal deficit. Position 3-1 last for Riau.

 "Children plays to accord strategy already being instructed. We adequately please by performa children. They are ardour and full perform pressure," its says.

Incision three number it becomes capitals necessary for Riau what do will dare you its youngs Riau's archipelagos,  Saturday (14/11/2015). "We besought Riau's society invocation, that back children performs maximal

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