8 Thousand Risma Competitor Poster is transferred goes to PDIP, Then is gutted

KPU is Surabaya's City ensures will gut as much eight thousand campaign display tools as poster that incorrect ship goes to posko guardian prospective couple winning city and city sponsor representative Tri Rismaharini Whisnu Nature Supernatural. Thousands its posters then will be substituted by KPU Surabaya corresponds to to foot up that is gutted.

"Our coordination result, after there is recommendation from Panwaslu (general election supervisor committee), that poster we will gut and will new substitute a number one are gutted,” say KPU'S Commissioner Surabaya's City division Sentences and Observation, Purnomo Satriyo, Friday 13th November 2015.

Risma Whisnu's Campaign team find campaign display tool as poster that incorrect ship as much eight boxs or about 8 thousand copies, Wednesday night, 11th November 2015. That poster actually Guardian prospective couple belonging City and City Sponsor Representative Surabaya ordinal 1, Rasiyo Lucy kurniasari because entirely load their image. 

According to Purnomo, as much 8 thousand its posters actually just can be switched over direct with ordinal couple belonging 2. But, spontaneous result with that will do destruction. "We readily do it," say her.

KPU commissioner Surabaya's City financial planning and Logistics division, Miftakul Ghufron, claim have visitted couple winning team Risma Whisnu to been done destruction and substitution. Even, it claims firm client that print that poster ready substitutes a new one. “Client readying to do pull, destruction and substitution a new one,” say her.

Gloss over that dispatch, according to her, happening just because packing problem while at print shop. “So, any chance ordinal couple poster 1 also most trades by ordinal couple poster 2, but we have accepted reporting of ordinal couple 1,” say Ghufron awhile ensures that KPU won't substitute if no ship error report.

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